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Rustic Gazebo
No.15 Rustic Gazebo
Our stunning six sided Rustic Gazebo is a cosy retreat for reading a book on a warm afternoon, a glass of wine on a summer’s evening or coffee and cake at any time of the day.
Complemented by by one of our round tables and armchairs, this makes a wonderful place to relax and enjoy the garden from all sides.
Approximate Dimensions (cm/in)
The hexagonal base of our rustic gazebo will fit into a circle of 244cm/96” in diameter.
Price £1850ea + VAT
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Things to ConsiderFor the first few months, you may notice some changes in the wood. Although our furniture and fencing is treated, it is important to remember that as a natural material, round wood can sometimes be unstable and affected by weather conditions such as: Splitting or shrinking in periods of hot weather. Fungal growth may appear during periods of wet, humid weather. This can be eliminated by spraying with a mould and mildew remover and wiped with a clean cloth. Neither of the above affect the long term durability of the product.
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