Preservatives and Finishes

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Preservatives and Finished
At Coppice Creations we treat all of our products using Lignum Fungicide and Insecticide Dual treatment to help stop the growth of mold and fungus on our products which can sometimes occur due to the wood being damp. Although not used by ourselves due to the age of the wood we would recommend Barrettine Wood Preserver for any re treatment after a 12 month period. As well as a clear finish we also offer a light brown option on selected furniture items.
With regard to fencing, an additional treatment is used. As a result all fencing products are dyed light brown as standard and not available in a clear finish, with exception to our Cleft Chestnut Range.
Please see the product description for options regarding finishes and state which finish you desire upon ordering.
Note: The photograph below demonstrates the two finishes we offer. On the left is the light brown, and on the right, the clear.
Rustic Garden Chairs
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