Preservatives and Finishes

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Preservatives and Finishes
At Coppice Creations, we treat all of our products with Lignum Fungicide and Insecticide Dual Treatment.
Our garden furniture is finished in either a clear or light brown preservative, depending on customer preference.
 Our fencing, arches and gates are usually only available using the light brown preservative, but some smaller items can be treated with the clear.
 After a year or two, the wood will weather to a natural silver grey if left untreated and whilst some customers prefer to leave it this way, others find it preferable to retreat it, which will extend its life.  We recommend Barrettine Wood Preserver for this, which is available in a variety of colours, including clear and light brown.
Note: The photograph below demonstrates the two finishes we offer for our furniture.  On the left is the light brown and on the right is the clear.
Rustic Garden Chairs
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